SOUL SIMPLE resources for people who want to be SUPERSTAR parents without losing themselves.

Our greatest desire in life is to feel connected and seen for who we really are.
— Lacy Philips

It’s Soul Simple…

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Soul Simple lessons are designed to:

* Deepen a connection to oneself, ‘soul,’ or unique likes, experiences, and attributes

* Facilitate leadership skills

* Create dynamic, safe and engaged learning environments

* Deepen one’s relationship to others and their community

* Be fun!

The world is changing


The skills of creativity, adaptability, individuality, conflict resolution and developing your own unique skill sets are the survival skills of the future.  None of us can predict what the workforce needs will be in 15 years and nurturing these skills is the best way to prepare our youth. A strong sense of self and a feeling of connection to those around them and the world at large are the best tools you can give your child to create a harmonious future for everyone.

If you’ve ever wondered how to teach these skills, the best way is to embody them. Being a person who continues to live a full life, while having empathy and love, is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. They want you to be happy as much as you want them to be happy.